Each of these materials can be direct printed in full-color on one or both sides.

Most of these materials come in a 4x8 sheet, but some come in 4x10 and 5x10 sheets; All materials can be cut to any square or rectangular size.

Aluminum - Use as outdoor advertising signs for marketing your business or real estate properties. Perfect fit for metal
          frames if you need a yard or lawn sign. These also look great standing up against a window.

ACM/Aluminum Composite (3mm) - Great for large-scale advertising signs up to 4x8 feet. Composite plastic material
          sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum, Cost effective lightweight material that is rigid, durable, and

Corrugated Plastic (4mm) - A lightweight, economic alternative to aluminum signs. They can be used indoors or
          outdoors and are great yard signs for real estate, business, political, or other markets. Water-resistant and will not
          yellow from sunlight.

Corrugated Plastic (10mm) - A lightweight yet strong sign material. This material has the same benefits as the 4mm
          above, but with a heavier gauge plastic and a thickness of almost ½".

Falconboard (1/4") - This is a 100% paper-based graphic board that is lightweight but strong. It is for indoor use only
          100% recyclable. Falconboard comes in sheets up to 5x10.

MDO /Plywood (½") - MDO Plywood signs painted with high quality exterior paint then digitally printed with long-lasting
          UV ink. MDO/Plywood is very durable, strong, and long-lasting. Great for business signage or real estate signs. It
          can be cut to any size up to 4x8.

Aluminum (.040)
Aluminum (.040)

ACM (3mm)
Aluminum Composite (3mm)

Corrugated Plastic (4mm)
Corrugated Plastic (4mm)
Corrugated Plastic (10mm)

Falconboard (1/4")
Falconboard (1/4")

MDO/Plywood (1/2")
MDO /Plywood (½")